Friday, June 19, 2009

Music and Praising G-d...

I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and write! I've had some crazy weeks, moving apartments, packing and unpacking, and settling in. It's the end of the week, Shabbath is on it's way, and I can breathe easy.

I'm in town, sitting observing, thinking and writing.

Beside me are a group of young folks, creating beats and rhythms on their drums, guitars, and their hands and feet, singing the night away. "Hodu l'Hashem Ki Tov!" (Give thanks to G-d Who is good)

A few feet away is a group of Ethiopians who want a chance on the drums...and get it. Laughter.

A cool Jerusalem night. Music and praising G-d.
Ok. I'm in Heaven.

Where have I been all this time? Lost in work. Lost in bills. Lost in all sorts of distractions! Distractions!

But G-d has His ways of getting us back on track. Oh, didn't you know? Oh, yes. He didn't just create this little planet and say bye bye. Oh, no. He is very much in the world, in my world, and in yours.

He's even "talking" to you.
Oh, yes.

Problem is, dear reader, many times I don't hear so well. And sometimes, it seems I don't wanna hear. Oy vey. But He is persistent. And He sends messages to get me to notice Him as if saying, "Talk to Me!" "Sing to Me!" If I don't listen to the softer messages, He'll send LOUDER ones.

He is my Papa, after all. And He didn't create me only to leave me on my own. No, He is very much in the world, in my world, and in yours. But you have to want to hear His messages-look out for them. I don't mean superstitious-the black can ran passed me. I mean- these guys are playing music for G-d, am I playing my "music?"

What does my "song" sound like? How am I thanking Him? When was the last time I changed the tempo? Am I being creative? Am I singing by myself or am I letting others play along?

Ok, I may say, "Well if He wants me to talk to Him,why doesn't He get rid of some of my problems first?" or "I complain, er, talk to Him all the time!" or "What I've been doing the past 10 years is fine. I'm QUITE pious, you know...


Well, it all comes down to faith/emuna. True, it's not easy to maintain, given the onslaught we have to face in life. Continuing to believe in G-d's goodness, our goodness, and His love can be....HARD!

But it's Truth.

And it becomes easier to believe and maintain faith/emuna and hear G-d's messages once we slow down and begin a dialogue.

or a song...

G-d bless!

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