Sunday, July 31, 2011


Azamra in Hebrew means "I will sing."

I am making a series of articles called Azamra...Africa! specifically noting the beauty of Africa: it's people, it's culture, it's geography, it's history.

In mainstream media, there is all this talk of how terrible it is on the African continent. Granted, every place has its challenges, but the way Africa is portrayed, one could easily think that there is only

a vastness of life-less desert and poverty.

We know that ain't true.

In Judaism, Rabbi Nachman emphasized finding the good points within ourselves and others. Africa is bursting with goodness and richness, and we are gonna celebrate that right here.

Africa is the oldest civilization. Ours is undeniably intertwined with hers- whether we like it or not. The good points in Africa are ultimately the good points within us.

Today I'm checking out the Tingatinga Art.
This art form was first developed in the southern area of Tanzania by the Makua tribe. Whether on walls, leather, wood or rocks, artists would use these mediums to express their views and opinions.

Edward Said Tingatinga really developed this art form and originated amazing and beautiful paintings.


G-d bless!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

What a Joke...

I saw the most absurd article on Yahoo Health about cancer prevention.

You can check it out and see for yourselves.

Three advice for cancer prevention:
1. More exercise
I agree with that.

2. An aspirin a day for anti-inflammatory effects.
You've got to be kidding! They're going to opt for something synthetic rather
than natural? We've got an arsenal ranging from vegetables to spices like curcurim or tumeric to herbs, and they're going to pick aspirin. And they even caution that overuse can cause ulcers.

3. Milk for vitamin D.
It's true vitamin D helps prevent cancers, but to advise milk versus natural sunlight! Super-market milk is loaded with estrogen disrupting hormones that will cause a host of problems. If it's not good for fibroids, it definitely ain't good for cancer.

This is the "expert" advice?? No mention of anything green...
No mention of how too much sugar creates an acidic environment that promotes cancer growth.

Mainstream media and business don't give a wink about our health, y'all, if you haven't already guessed it.
Thankfully, most of the readers who left comments on this article did not agree with the advice given.

And neither should you!

Geez, if this wasn't so serious, I'd crack up laughing.

G-d bless!!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Health Habits Around the Globe

There's a Yahoo's article about 6 health secrets from around the globe ranging from India's tumeric spice, Japanese's chewing food well, to Russian herbal teas. It seems the keys are unprocessed and natural foods, slowing down, and getting exercise.

To add my 7th health habit...

Rabbi Nachman, a Jewish sage writes that the weak man is one who is unaware of his strength. It is crucial for us to constantly seek out the good points in ourselves. When we do, we will have the motivation to advance, act, and build in our lives.

A person can be doing everything right health wise and still get sick. We know that emotions play a vital role in health. When we feel glum and negative over an extended period of time, this creates a disturbance in our energy flow and eventually in our organs. However, positive and happy feelings keep things moving.

In an age where TV, mags, billboards, and propaganda galore tries us to make us believe we are supposed to be like THAT and not like we are, it is very difficult for us to see the good points in ourselves.

Don't be fooled!!!

We are bursting with inner and outer beauty, my friends. Our smallest good points mean SO much!! These points are the starting place for even more good. There is power in the most simplest matter.

I'm happy to incorporate some tumeric spice in my cooking. And I'm going to push to chew my food better. But plz G-d, I want to always be able to see the good points in myself and to improve my world with that good.

G-d bless!!

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Courage, Becanson

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Organic Computers

Omer Deutsch created a computer design that is more 'organic' in order to soften the computer's hard look and to remind folks to look away from the screen.

G-d bless!

Check it out:


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Black Sunscreens-Inside Out

Blacks suffering from melanoma/skin cancer??

Apparently studies show that Blacks are most likely than Whites to have late stage skin cancer-which seem illogical considering that the dark pigmentation would be a protection against the sun's hot rays.

Well, if we take our lovely dark pigmentation and add a lather of sunscreen on, we're actually asking for trouble.

"Sunscreens were never developed to prevent skin cancer," This is from editor Zoe Diane Draelos from the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. In fact, many sunscreen products contain cancer producing ingredients like oxybenzone which is a hormone disruptor. Others say that titanium dioxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles are also hazardous. Although the Environmental Working Group state that these substances are effective in blocking out UV rays without penetrating healthy skin.

Yikes! That's still scary.

Vitamin D is taking the lead in prevention of cancer. A sensible amount of sunlight exposure actually reduces the risk of cancer. So, if folks with darker complexion put on sunscreen, it's like a double barrier, and vitamin D deficiencies become rampant. Less vitamin D= more cancer. And hence, this is why Blacks may have more cases of skin cancer. We're running away from the very source that will make us stronger!

Another fascinating point is nutrition.

Of course.

We can actually create a natural sunscreen from the inside out. The more anti-oxidant powered fruits and vegetables we eat, the stronger our skin can withstand the sun's rays. The less we burn!

Y'all, this is something the sunscreen companies will NEVER reveal. In fact, "skin cancer can only be caused when UV exposure is combined with chronic nutritional deficiencies that create skin vulnerabilities."

This is wild stuff.

Another reason to eat our greens.

Spread the word.

Green is in. Sun is in. Chemicals are out.

Vitamin D is key. Sunlight exposure is crucial-to a point. Natural protection for my fair-skinned friends is important. I recently saw a picture of women in Madagascar with a yellow-orange tumeric root paste on their skin. It is their natural sunscreen. Although I don't think anyone in the West is keen on walking down the street with a bright orange face, we should look into natural products. The EWG has an online guide of natural products to check the ingredients for safety.

Then again, one can choose to make one's own sunblock....

G-d bless!!!

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Juvenile Arthritis

I met a young girl on Shabbath suffering from juvenile arthritis. She was really withdrawn and apparently is taking medications to relieve her pain.
Her mother shared a story how the youngster pushed herself last week to be a help for another child going through the same illness.

I wanted to break down and cry.

This girl was so young-fragile looking.

After Shabbath, I ran to the computer to read more about this illness. And not just the Western allopathic perspective! In Chinese Medicine, juvenile arthritis is seen as imbalance in the organ energies, specifically the liver and spleen. The body begins to attack itself. The health of the parents during conception, nutrition, and positive thinking are factors that play a big role. Fortunately, it seems that children can outgrow it as their immune system becomes stronger.

(What makes a body attack itself? What makes a person attack himself thru negative self talk?)
As we know a happy mind makes for a happy body.

And a happy body is a big blessing.

Foods that aggravate arthritic joints include night shade vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers.

Foods that alleviate symptoms include foods with beta carotene like parsley, broccoli, carrots, also apples and ginger are helpful. Cherry juice and pineapple juice have a positive effect. Throw in fish oil to boot.

Apparently, there has been success in treating arthritis through Chinese Medicine with acupuncture and herbal diets. Traditional western medications can result in unpleasant side-effects.

Oye, Hashem should keep all of us and our children healthy and happy.

G-d bless!!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Organic Seeds, Organic Thoughts

It's given over in the Zohar that no good intention is lost.

That is, all our generous thoughts, our positive wishful thinking, our dreams
or progress...are recorded.

There is a principle of accumulation that adds up the thousands of
wishes and leads finally to fulfillment.

There might be a lot of things going on in our life, all our daily dramas.
But here's a reminder for you and I to stop for a moment and ask ourselves,
'how can I make things better for myself?'
'how can I make things better for my friend?'

Our holy Sages write, "if I am only for myself, than who am I?"

Thoughts are very powerful. Prayer. Imagination. Yearnings.

G-d is searching out the ones who want to improve His world. We don't need
tons of money to do it. (Though it'd be nice!) But we do need to want good.

And wanting good means thinking good for ourselves and for others.

Truthfully, it is very hard to want good for others when there are tv shows and game shows that promote cruelty and mockery of others. And it's also difficult to imagine good when the propaganda in magazines and ads de-base Blacks. It is done very subtly, but it is being done.

Thoughts are like seeds. This is where everything starts. From here sprouts our beliefs, our actions, our likes, our dislikes, our perceptions, our teachings, our education to our children....

If our thoughts are "captured" in a box, then everything else is captured as well.
With all these genetically modified seeds, big businesses understand that beginnings are EVERYTHING

Now you know it, too.

We must fight to clean up our thoughts. Get it out of sexual immorality. Get it out of rage. Get it out of a hardened heart. Get it out of low self esteem. Get it out of stinginess.

As we do our small part in remaining physically healthy, we must invest even MORE effort in remaining healthy emotionally and spiritually on the most basic level.

The basic level: wanting good in the world.

Reminding ourselves that there CAN be good in the world. Whoa! What a novel idea!

Good thoughts, prayer, imagination, and yearnings.

This is the seed. And from it will sprout the positive actions to produce a garden of healthy souls.

A G-d-ly ecosystem, a tribal system where compassion, charity, patience, diligence, cooperation, and human life are valued, honed and taught to future generations.

Nothing is wasted.

G-d bless!!!

Check it out:
Dear G-d, Becanson

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Earth People Rejoice!

Guest Post from Miriam at Thank you!

Hmmmm...most Earth People are probably not reading this blog.  They are maybe too busy going about their lives, feeding their children, tending to their farms, etc.  But I send this energy out to you all---Earth People, Rejoice!!

You have what to rejoice about...

Yep. people will look askance at the fact that you walk barefoot -or that you let your children walk barefoot. Primitive! right?

Well, I'll have you know that It has been known by the Chinese for 1000s of years that when we connect our body to the earth and the sky i.e. the Cosmos it helps to ground us and nourish our energy/Qi. In Chinese Medicine the meridians are described as energy/Qi channels, not seen by the average naked eye but may be experienced during acupuncture or by practicing Qigong or Thai Chi. Chi or Qi is a form of Mother Earth’s energy or Cosmic energy. In the world of Yogis the Cosmic energy is referred to as Prana. This energy from the Cosmos can be taken/absorbed via many body antennas like our tongue, nostrils, hands and feet and so on.   In Chinese Medicine the Bubbling Well point or kidney 1 (K1 starts on the ball of the foot) is seen as the major entryway or portal for the absorption of Earth’s surface Qi.  And the Chinese believe in practicing Qigong outdoors and if possible barefoot amongst nature in the warmer weather. (you can read more here).

And of course, people will look askance at the "animalistic" way of childbirth that you have...Sh! don't tell anyone this, but people are trying to copy you!!! Even as they sling mud at your people and your ways, they are aggressively copying your methods (see any Ina Mae Gaskin books) And they are giving themselves the credit, while poo pooing Blacks and others for seeking (or should I say for having been convinced by those same people who are now patting themselves on the back for being so "natural") medical intervention --nevermind that it was non-Earth people who started the whole medical intervention (King Louis wanted to see a birth, so had the first lady layed out in that horrid position to bear a child.).

Then comes the nursing. A great way to feed your baby! Even that is being 'relearned' so take heart!

Earth People -Rejoice! Even your diet is being examined and soon to be copied.

If you don't have a television in your home, it may be people will think lowly of you, but I think its great! you can avoid all the depressing advertisement that try to convince you that you lack and lack and lack.

So go ahead, clap your hands! let your left fingers meet your right ones, combine the lovingkindness with strictness and break any evil decree imposed upon you!

Yes, dance and bring down good things....

Keep yourselves in purity: ruining someone sexually is a weapon employed frequently.

and among yourselves, rejoice!

(this was just a poetic post. I know that even Earth People have issues and problems.).

G-d bless!

Chodesh Tov!

The Hebrew month of Tammuz starts today. May this new month bring blessings, peace, health, joy, and the actualization of our good potential.

G-d bless!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Orange Tree Lady

There is an orange tree outside of my window. I never paid much attention to it until a couple of days ago.
It seemed I could make out a shape on the rough, textured bark. It was a shape of woman's torso.
Two perfectly placed swelling marked the breasts. And at the bottom right was another bump.
This third swelling seemed to ruin the tree sculpture however.

The first thing that came to mind was that it looked like a fibroid. It was exactly where I had mine as well.
Oh, those days struggling with fibroids were really difficult, and I'm glad it is in the past.
And yet, there is a fear that lingers.
A fear that if I'm not perfectly stringent on my diet, that it will return.
There have been frantic nights when I fall into a panic when a sensation or two
felt out of place.
It was usually gas.
But I don't want the fear to be my motivator to be healthy.
B/c fear is only a temporary solution.
It will keep things in line only for so long.
I want my motivation to be having energy to live my life, to go my yoga class, to go to work, having healthy, glowing skin, having positive thoughts, and the like.

Fear is so crippling.
It makes healthy eating a chore, and nobody likes 'chores.'
But the idea of being the best me. Being the happy me is what gives me fire. Suddenly going to the kitchen isn't a dread, it's an adventure. My creative juices start to flow, and I seek out ways on how I can jazz up my salad, what new herbal tea to drink, or what new cooking experiment to try.
It's a completely different perspective and attitude.
Now, it's true that prevention of illness plays an important role. It does keep me in check. It's the preliminary stage.

So, what of this orange tree lady outside my window?? What is she trying to tell me?
I like to think that she is saying, "look how far you've come! Do more and teach me too!"

Ok, I'm gonna turn on my Creative power and rev up my Creative engine.
There is so much good stuff out there to learn about. Stuff that builds and strengthens.
From the earth.

I have this amazing friend named Rina who whips up natural desserts from fruits, carobs and all things healthy like frozen banana slush and delicious carob balls that taste just like chocolate. Such a blessing! She has her own story of healing. But this is what I'm talking about.

And I don't need to be super-rich to create. Creativity is such a wide venue that can take form in so many ways. It doesn't even have to be limited to food!
Dr. Northrup writes how fibroids can be a physical reaction to not fullfilling one's dreams.

Statistics show that many African American women suffer more from fibroids than any other group. Whether the stats are true is a different post, but either way, let's make sure it is not the reality. Creativity begins in the mind. But we have to beware the things in life that take away from it, like negative thinking or friends. This includes any television, magazine, or media with unhealthy and negative messages. Excessive sexuality also detracts from our powers.

But to get creative begins with brainstorming. What's possible? How far can I take things? Contrary to popular belief, we are not stuck. Things might seem difficult, but we can make things move. So, what ideas do you have? Do I have? A different hair style? Learning a new language? Writing poetry? Buying a potted plant? Taking an art class? Giving a singing class?

All right, Orange Tree Lady, I hear your message. Get more creative, do more, and live more!! I can do it!

G-d bless!