Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chai Juicin' and Smoothin' Awareness Month: Beets

Face it, y'all.

Hashem/G-d filled the world with life-building foods that can give us energy, make us beautiful, and more importantly keep us healthy.

And one way of making sure those vitamins and minerals are consumed quick and easy is through juicing.

20 minutes and the nutrients are already in our system.

Today, I am relishing the beetroot.

Packed with folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, beta-carotene, amino acids, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and many more nutrients, this is the veggie to juice!!

It lowers blood pressure, helps blood circulation and the absorption of iron. As well, it improves liver, kidney and bladder functioning and helps in digestion. Beets hates free radicals and destroys them as well boosting stamina. It's a natural remedy for sexual weakness, kidney/bladder stones...

the list goes on!

check it out:

G-d bless!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


"Having a "cancer program" in your DNA does not automatically mean you're destined to get cancer. Far from it. This genetic information does not ever have to be expressed..."

"What this all means is that you are not controlled by your genetic makeup. Instead, your genetic readout (which genes are turned "on" and which are turned "off") is primarily determined by your
thOUghts, aTTitUdEs, and PeRcEpTiOnS!"

This reminds me of the great Jewish Chassidic master, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov who emphasized living life with joy and happiness. Now, how each person needs to this may be different.

Growing up in a particular family, neighborhood, culture does not need to determine our future. How important it is to surround one self with positive energy and positive people. Even if that means going against the grain!!

So, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, ie. proper nutrition and exercise, our thoughts and beliefs can really affect our health.

Here is one good thought:

We were created by G-d and being created by Him at every second. Again and again, He wills that we should exist in His world to receive His good. And there is good....

He loves us so much.

G-d bless!!

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Chai (Life) Juicin' and Smoothin' Awareness Month

Spring is here, and now is the time to bring out or buy a blender/juicer.

We are literally surrounded by plants and greens busting with vitamins and minerals that will boost our health.


Here are some benefits of blending up a green smoothie!!

1. more energy

2. regular digestion

3. skin becomes radiant

4. blood sugars can get stabilized

for a list of other benefits check out:

G-d bless!!!