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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Male Health: Prostate and Saw Palmetto

In this video, they give 5 tips for prostate health:
1. watch your diet (Avoid refined foods and eat more fruits and vegetables)
2. exercise
3. drink plenty of water during the day to flush out toxins
4. limit intake of fluids, esp. caffeinated drinks at night
5. ***they recommend taking a supplement*** But if we can avoid drugs why not?? The same natural ingredients that are processed into drug form can be taken in its natural form.

Saw Palmetto berries is THE herb known to protect the prostate by preventing testosterone from converting into the problematic dihydrostestosterone (DHT)

It also increases the tone of the bladder, allowing a more complete expulsion of the contents. It nourishes the nervous system and aids the assimilation of nutrients. When used regularly, it can influence the entire male reproductive system.

It's not enough to just relieve symptoms, we want to be healthy individuals and adopt healthy lifestyle practices. Taking Saw Palmetto extract or drinking the herb tea should become part of one's routine. (As well as the other tips mentioned above)

G-d bless!!

Check it out:
The Male Herbal, Joe Green

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pray for Everything!!

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Pray for everything

You must pray for everything. Even if your garment is torn and you need another, you should pray to God to give you something to wear.

Do this for everything: make it a habit to pray for all your needs, great or small. Your main prayers should be for fundamentals: that God should help you to serve Him and draw closer. Even so, you should also pray for minor things.

God may give you food and clothing and everything else you need in life even without your asking for them. However, you are then like an animal. God provides all living creatures with their food. But if you do not draw your needs through prayer, your livelihood is like that of an animal. A man must draw his vitality and all his needs from God only through prayer.

Is it beneath your dignity to pray even for something minor? You must pray for everything, even the most minor things.

Sichot Haran #233

Friday, March 9, 2012

What's in My Girly Bag? Raspberry Leaf

Don't leave home without it!

A woman steps out of her house, and you can be sure she is generally equipped with her girly tools to keep herself in check: a lip-gloss, a tampon/pad, a mirror,etc.

It's crucial, however, to make sure that our girly bag contains the tools that will keep us beautiful and vibrant in our 'insides' as well. Like what for example? Every girl should make sure to have some raspberry leaf to brew an herbal tea.

Ok, so maybe we're not literally carrying it outside, but it a must for every woman's 'girly' bag!!

What's the 411?

It is known for strengthening and toning the female (and male) reproductive organs. It's useful also in regulating menstruation.

The plant tones and relaxes the pelvic and uterine muscles. Full of many vitaminerals, it's high in calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins B, C, and E.

It is THE herb for pregnant women and is generally recommended safe for use during the entire pregnancy.

This wonderful herb does not produce any residual side effects.

This is definitely a much needed addition to any girl-ie bag!!

G-d bless!!

Check it out:


Herbal Healing for Women, Rosemary Gladstar

Dress Code in Nigeria

A well-written and fascinating article about a bill in Nigeria to regulate dress code and sexual harassment of women:

hat tip to Africa Unchained.

One point that jumped out at me, "If the Bill had passed, large communities would have been forced to re-adjust their socio-cultural perspective to one which sexualises states of nudity or semi-nudity"

This said b/c many women in rural areas wear minimal clothing.

It reminded me of Adam and Chava (Eve) before eating of the fruit of good and evil were in a pure state and were not disturbed by their nakedness...

G-d bless!