Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Attack

You may have heard the horrifying news about the attacks in Mumbai. Apparently, there may be still hostages/ people we have not heard from. According to Arutz Sheva news, the public is being asked to pray for the following:

Gavriel Noach ben Freida Bluma and Rivka bas Yehudis, Aryeh Leibish ben Elta Nechama Maltshi and Ben Tzion ben Elka, as well as "anyone else affected by the tragedy."

G-d should protect them and bring them all home safely!

Find Out For Yourself

For more info on this check out..

Article: Don't Drink Your Milk by Dr. Mercola

Christiane Northrup, M.D., Women's Wisdom, Women's Bodies

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Battle of the Raging Hormones

I'm at war.

I'm at war with people who think, for some odd reason that I need more hormones, ie. estrogen. Excuse me!!! G-d made me just fine! Nonetheless, you've got companies injecting stuff like bovine growth hormone(BGH 1), insulin-like growth factor (IGF 1) into milk and xenoestrogens into pesticides for one.

And the poor cows. Dairy companies demand more yield of milk, so the cows are injected with BGH 1and IGF-1 that sort of supersize their mammary glands-which, I'm sorry just is not natural. Indeed, many of these cows get sick and require antibiotics. So, add some antibiotics into the mix!!

In modern dairy farms, because cows are milked even when they are pregnant, there are 33 x more of estrogen compound than in a non-pregnant cow.

So, what's so bad about some more hormones in the milk anyways? What's the big deal? What do do you want from my life???!!!


where shall I start...?

Insulin growth hormone1and bovine growth hormone1 are similar and are related to growth of breast cancer cells.

"IGF-I is critically involved in the aberrant growth of human breast cancer cells." M. Lippman. J. Natl. Inst. Health Res., 1991,

Excess estrogen has been linked to increase in certain cancers.

Xenoestrogens which are basically imposter estrogen hormones that are put in pesticides and other products causing a toxic form of estrogen to be produced in the body leading to all sorts of problems. Can someone say uterine fibroids? Cervical cancer? Depressed thyroid function?

Need I say more?! (Uterine fibroids really hit home for me. )

So who says I need milk and cereal for breakfast? Who says I need a grilled cheese or Mac-n-cheese for lunch? Who says I need to stuff myself with junk?
Who says?

Next time for breakfast, I"ll try some old fashioned oatmeal. And for lunch, I"ll have some grilled chicken. Is this the end of milk drinking? And what about calcium? I'll address these topics abit later. Each thing at it's proper time.

Anyways, like I said I'm at war.

But changing how I eat and more importantly how I think is really tough! I can't say I've got all the answers, but I don't want to be stupid!! As they say, "knowing is half the battle."

G-d bless!

Greatest Love of All

It's a good place to start for anyone on any path!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hello world!

I'm Chaya writing to you from the beautiful and holy city of Jerusalem in Israel. In this blog, Living Essence, I hope to write and share things that are important in my life as I strive to be a real, happy, and healthy individual. These things range from Torah-G-d's living words, faith/ emuna, and nutrition, among some other things.

There's a concept in Kabbalah about the phrase "living essence," in Hebrew "chayah." It's written in Torah that G-d blew spirit/ breath/air into Adam-the first man, thus breathing life (and speech) into him. Living essence is considered the breath of G-d even before He blew it into Adam. Think of someone taking a deep breath...the lungs expand as it fills w/ air. It's that air in the lungs I'm referring to. And when that air/ breath gets breathed out who knows what will come out? A little bit of air? Alot? That air/ breath in the lungs is full of mystery and potential!! alot of power since it's coming from G-d.

G-d is constantly giving us life. He's constantly breathing air into us, filling us with great potential, awesome power.
Question is this: I am doing what I can to connect to that potential? Am I allowing my channels to be open to "breathe Hashem's breath?" to become the best person I can be? Or am I stuffing up my ears, shutting my eyes, and talking a whole lot of senseless talk when I should be talking truth? or listening?
That's the question I'm asking myself.
And I'm searching for answers...