Monday, November 17, 2008

Hello world!

I'm Chaya writing to you from the beautiful and holy city of Jerusalem in Israel. In this blog, Living Essence, I hope to write and share things that are important in my life as I strive to be a real, happy, and healthy individual. These things range from Torah-G-d's living words, faith/ emuna, and nutrition, among some other things.

There's a concept in Kabbalah about the phrase "living essence," in Hebrew "chayah." It's written in Torah that G-d blew spirit/ breath/air into Adam-the first man, thus breathing life (and speech) into him. Living essence is considered the breath of G-d even before He blew it into Adam. Think of someone taking a deep breath...the lungs expand as it fills w/ air. It's that air in the lungs I'm referring to. And when that air/ breath gets breathed out who knows what will come out? A little bit of air? Alot? That air/ breath in the lungs is full of mystery and potential!! alot of power since it's coming from G-d.

G-d is constantly giving us life. He's constantly breathing air into us, filling us with great potential, awesome power.
Question is this: I am doing what I can to connect to that potential? Am I allowing my channels to be open to "breathe Hashem's breath?" to become the best person I can be? Or am I stuffing up my ears, shutting my eyes, and talking a whole lot of senseless talk when I should be talking truth? or listening?
That's the question I'm asking myself.
And I'm searching for answers...

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