Monday, January 23, 2012

Toe Nail Fungus...

If we're suffering from toe nail fungus, it is NOT fun.

Fungus is persistent and tough to beat.

Looking through health websites, you'll find a lot of home remedies like tea tree oil, Vicks Vapor Rub, vinegar and the sorts.

Well, according to Chinese Medicine, all these remedies are only treating the symptoms and are NOT getting to root cause. "The root cause of nail fungus is a Liver energy imbalance..."

Our liver stores blood, and this blood nourishes many areas of our bodies, including our nails. So toe nail fungus is like a blaring sign that says, "there's an energy problem in the liver!!!"

B/c our liver is so crucial, we need to really go in depth. Stay tuned...

Until then, know that herbs that really help support the liver include dandelion root and milk thistle-all which can be bought at a health food store/herb store.

It's worth it fighting the fungus from the inside and out....

G-d bless!!

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What the hell?!

What the hell is wrong with us?

What the f$#@ is WRONG with us, people???

People are dropping like freakin' flies, stricken with cancers, stricken with diabetes, stricken with all sorts of shit! (Excuse my French, but I am soo pissed off)

It's actually quite eerie how this phenomenon relates to this week's Torah portion of Vayeira/(And He appeared.) In this reading of the Torah, Moses goes down to Egypt to demand of Pharaoh the freedom of the Hebrew slaves.

Pharaoh refused.

And hence begins the series of plagues that descend upon Egypt causing all sorts of havoc. Water turning into blood, overabundance of frogs, lice epidemic, attack of beasts, etc. Nature goes beserk.


B/c G-d was trying to say something, and Pharaoh refused to listen.

Well, too many folks around here are getting cancer, my friends. Too many. Too many folks are sick.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!! Go get your mammogram. Um, don't the mammograms also have radiation and many times are inaccurate? We have been lulled into a way of negative thinking in that we LOOK for breast cancer rather than prevent it. We adopt harmful methods in order to SPOT it. We are drugged into believing these illness happens, it's terrible but, hey, it happens.

What the f$%^?!!

This is nature gone berserk. I'm sorry.

What's the message here?? There is something in our world that is not flowing.

Is it the poisons like xenoestrogens (synthetic hormones) or MSG in our foods that is creating this energy blockage? Is it the rampant rape and abuse that go on w/o justice?? Is it the over reliance on television and media to debase our values and thwart our minds??? Is it the chronic greed that seeps into our blood stream, hardening our hearts so we don't reach out to our fellow human beings in need??? Is it the life-killing white sugar we eat every day??

You tell me.

What the hell is the problem ova' here??

What is G-d trying to tell us??!!

The holy sparks inside of us knows something is wrong. If we turn off the tv, log off facebook, put the beer bottle down, turn off the cell phone, we may feel the stirrings of these holy sparks.

Kind'a intimidating isn't it??

Yeah, I know.

It is much easier to remain in our comfort zone and refuse to listen and refuse to change. I totally relate to Pharaoh! What, get rid of slaves? Change the world order? Change my habits? Do G-d's will? What the hell??!! I can really relate....Can you?

Well, sorry Pharaoh, but Moses does save the Hebrew slaves. And they save themselves. Some of them did remain behind. The unknown was too scary. To change the status way.

I don't know about y'all, but I'm sick of Egypt. I'm sick of it.

I want freedom.

for myself and my family and friends

and the whole freakin' planet.

G-d bless!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Herb and Spice Awareness Month: Turmeric

Word on the street...

Turmeric is in!

Also known as curcurmin, this snazzy and jazzy, yellow-gold spice has been shown to have
antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anticancer activities.

Do you hear music?

I sure do!

Music to my ears, baby! G-d is sooooo good.

You can buy the spice powdered and use it for cooking. You can also buy the actual root. Dr. Weil has a recipe for a turmeric tea that's a lot of fun. Boil some tumeric and other herb of your choice, add some honey or maple syrup and yeah, there'll be music...

G-d bless!!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Astragalus: Herb and Spice Awareness Month

In this crazy world, sometimes it's easy to think that illness and suffering runs rampant and there's nothing that can be done, and that G-d is completely out of the picture.

When in fact, G-d's nature is bursting with powerful subastances that are meant to heal us and keep us healthy.

The problem lies when our health vocabulary is limited, and we aren't aware that these G-dly gifts exist and are at our disposal.

What herb is on my mind? You guessed it: Astragalus (Huang Chi root)

Used frequently in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this herb has been known to boost the immune system. As an adaptogen, it helps the body to cope and adapt to various stresses. It strengthens digestion, improves adrenal gland function, and aids in heart health.

The sticks/pieces of the dried root can be added to soups or stews, or boiled to make a tea.

I throw it in a pot with a cinnamon stick, make myself a brew, say the blessing on the tea, and kick back with a good book. What an easy way to get healthy...

G-d bless!!

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Because You Loved Me...

The Hero Inside....

Thursday, January 5, 2012

January is Herb and Spice Awareness Month

January is a time of beginnings for many people. And as the cold frost bites into our fingers and toes, we withdraw inside our homes and into the warm hearth. This is the moment of reflection.

Warmth, reflection, ah!

These are all great ingredients for a good herbal tea...

And G-d/Hashem has provided more ingredients for us to add. Various herbs and spices that warm the body, nutrients to build our system, and love to make us healthier beings.

So, this month is Herb and Spice Awareness!

And I want to start off with THYME. I had an annoying and persistent cough and remembered reading that thyme was excellent against coughs. So, after work, I headed for the local health food store. And that night I brewed myself a good strong cup of thyme and ginger tea, sweetened with maple syrup.

A delicious and effective brew if I do say so myself!!!

Thyme, which can also be used as a spice in cooking, has amazing health benefits:
it boosts the immune system, eases sore throats and coughs (can I get a witness? me!!), helps digestion, eases menstrual cramps, and prevents growth of microorganisms ie. ANTI-SEPTIC.

Veeery nice!!!

What else does Hashem have up 'His sleeve?!!'

G-d bless!!!

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