Sunday, October 27, 2013

How Dumb Are We?

Just how dumb are we??

Here we are, nestled on our sofas, cradling our iphones and our eyes riveted on the TV screen.

Our hard-earned money sitting in banks.

Our fridge filled with food purchased at supermarkets, with the origins and the processing of the foods unknown to us.

We give our bodies and our children's bodies to medical doctors who know best and insert what they like when the like.

We lather the paraben lotion on our skin.

We bathe in it.

We go to work.

Day in and day out.

To pay bills.

And to watch more TV and to cradle our iphones tenderly lest they fall and shatter into the cheap pieces they are made from.

And in the meantime, C-section surgeries increase, cancer becomes widespread, people in Africa die, fake GMO foods becomes the norm, national debt increases (only to come out from our pocket, mind you, so get to work) and nature becomes de-natured.

How freakin' dumb are we to allow this to happen??