Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You got your matzahs???

It's Pesach/ Passover..

When the Jews left Egypt after being enslaved for so many years, there was no time to lose. Pack up yo' bags and get!!!  There was no time to wait for the dough to rise to become bread. And so instead of bread, they had matzah. It takes minimum 18 minutes for the dough to begin to rise to become bread. The Jews didn't even have 18 mins!! There was simply no time. 

And, truthfully, there was no room for bread!! Bread, with it's leavening agent symbolizes the evil that inflates our ego that can create a barrier between us and G-d/ Hashem and between our true selves. The Jews, having been broken by slavery, cried out to G-d from the depth of their beings for salvation. No ego here.

And since time is like a spiral, we are now in the days of Pesach, the holiday of Matzot. So, now is the time when we again do away with our breads, our pastas, and all the yeast/ leavening agents from our cupboards, from our kitchens, from our homes and from our hearts.

Please pass some matzahs!!!

G-d bless!!!