Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Making a Salad for Lunch what should I put in it....

G-d bless!


Just read on Yahoo health that potatoes when eaten with fat, like olive oil reduces the effects of the supposedly high glycemic index. The oil slows the absorption of the carbohydrates. So instead of one's blood sugar spiking high, it rises more gradually and therefore more safely.

Good to know.

Synergy! Synergy!

G-d bless!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


"Where I come from we say that rhythm is the soul of life because the whole universe revolves around rhythm; and when we get out of rhythm, that's when we get into trouble. For this reason the drum, next to the human voice, is our most important instrument. It is special."

~ Babatunde Olatunji, Nigerian drummer.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rights of the Birthing Woman

Between doctors being quick to the draw and women needing better understanding, Cesarean section rates are on the rise.
According to ABC News, "It is now the most common surgical procedure in American hospitals: one in every three babies in the U.S. now come into the world by caesarian section."

What we need here, ladies is information.

Here is a list of Rights of Childbearing Women that will come in handy:

* Every woman has the right to information about the professional identity and qualifications of those involved with her care, and to know when those involved are trainees.*

* Every woman has the right to full and clear information about benefits, risks and costs of the procedures, drugs, tests and treatments offered to her, and of all other reasonable options, including no intervention.* She should receive this information about all interventions that are likely to be offered during labor and birth well before the onset of labor.

* Every woman has the right to accept or refuse procedures, drugs, tests and treatments, and to have her choices honored. She has the right to change her mind.* (Please note that this established legal right has been challenged in a number of recent cases.)

* Every woman has the right to freedom of movement during labor, unencumbered by tubes, wires or other apparatus. She also has the right to give birth in the position of her choice.*

Check out the website for more info.

I have attended births and have heard stories from friends, and I will not lie. It can be a fight. These rights exist, but medical staff tend to be more content when the laboring mother is nicely tucked away on her bed without a voice, cut and done so they can leave at their shift's end.

The fear factor is a major manipulation tool to get the woman to comply without questions. To think fast on one's feet is not easy when one's baby is 'at stake.' But this does not need to be. That is one reason it is VITAL to have a doula/labor coach as a support for the woman at birth.

After seeing 20 minutes of normal fetal monitoring, staff are usually willing to unhook the device. If they don't offer it, the mother can request it.

Labor pain increases when the woman is lying on her back. So once, the fetal monitoring plugs are off, get up and move!! The gravity will greatly work to her advantage in terms of pain reduction, positioning the baby correctly, and letting the body find its rhythm.

With the hospital setting being often a foreign and intrusive space for the birthing woman, I feel home births with a qualified mid-wife is the best way to go. And many women feel the same way. I mentioned it to a friend recently, and she recoiled in horror. "Birth at home?!" And yet, that is how it was done before our "civilized" society...

Yet, today we have the backing of technology. It is even BETTER than how it was!

I am all for medical intervention when it is needed. But the fact is the hospital setting is its own battleground...

Know our rights and know what works.

G-d bless!

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This makes me feel good every time I watch it.

G-d bless!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Romona Moore Legal Defense Fund

Romona Moore's mother needs our help.

Her daughter, Romona, a straight A Psych student had went missing. Her mother pleaded with the NYPD police for help. They refused to file a report b/c she was 21 years old. Not a minor.

Contrast that to story of Svetlana Aronov, also NOT a minor, who went missing, and the NYPD police going full out in order to find her.

This is clearly a WRONG.

Romona's mother is suing the NYPD for discrimination. YES!

This is what is needed.

How can this be tolerated, people?

How can it be that the law-enforcers should turn their back when someone is pleading for help??!!

Did Romona Moore have a chance???

Our prayers, our passion, our strength, and our DOLLARS MUST go to support this cause. This is OUR cause. When I pick up the phone to call the police, there MUST be a positive response. To let this incident pass without outcry will set a precedent that we CANNOT afford.

G-d help us all....

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I saw when your Sun began to shine....on my Moon

5:53 sunrise smiles on Tsefat skies
as twilight croons home to claim her prize

saffron rays marks a mystic light show
kindled sparks ripen into a husky glow

Summon cave winds and dew-cool lush
to sweeten a deep thought purpl-y plush

seraphim, ofanim 'round and thunder
the moment day and night are wrent 'sunder

flows the ancient, the age old lullaby
that sparks the sigh and then the battle cry

skies, hazy spazy crazy bright blues
blends with clouds of creamy puff hues

5:53 sunrise smiles on Tsefat skies
as twilight croons home to claim her prize

I saw when your sun began to shine
on my moon...

G-d bless!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Bikelordz : Stunts and Styles from Accra, Ghana from Bikelordz on Vimeo.

Their moves are amazing.

Be careful though.

Notice how the interviewer seems to keep asking the guys if they work.

Down that dog!

Why is he trying to dis their good?

That's the EXACT opposite of what Azamra/finding the good points is based on.

These kids have talent. In the last clip, the Ghanian replied, "it's my talent, so I don't play with it. I'm working on it."

You keep shining, Ghana!

Shine, baby!!

G-d bless!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

120 Sayings of the 200 year old man....

Hat tip to Asher Lazar, Carpathian Mountain House Macrobiotic (excerpt)

* Health nuts are hard to crack.

* Once you think you are The Author, you will probably end up doing something unauthorized.

* It's curious how one can be competent at ignoring his own shortcomings but is determined not to ignore those of others.

* How does sickness form? When some inferior life-form (e.g. a virus) has more passion and fervor for living than you.

* Don't weigh another person unless you tip the scales in their favor.

* What is sour power? Eating fermented foods, pickled foods, and sourdough breads - that's sour power!

* Someone who uses the word "I" a lot has damaged "I"-sight.

* Most things in the world exist to make you resist.

* Two causes of health problems: eating foods over seasoned or out of season.

* One must reside in a cocoon before he can emerge as a butterfly.

G-d bless!