Monday, August 1, 2011

120 Sayings of the 200 year old man....

Hat tip to Asher Lazar, Carpathian Mountain House Macrobiotic (excerpt)

* Health nuts are hard to crack.

* Once you think you are The Author, you will probably end up doing something unauthorized.

* It's curious how one can be competent at ignoring his own shortcomings but is determined not to ignore those of others.

* How does sickness form? When some inferior life-form (e.g. a virus) has more passion and fervor for living than you.

* Don't weigh another person unless you tip the scales in their favor.

* What is sour power? Eating fermented foods, pickled foods, and sourdough breads - that's sour power!

* Someone who uses the word "I" a lot has damaged "I"-sight.

* Most things in the world exist to make you resist.

* Two causes of health problems: eating foods over seasoned or out of season.

* One must reside in a cocoon before he can emerge as a butterfly.

G-d bless!

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