Friday, July 1, 2011

Orange Tree Lady

There is an orange tree outside of my window. I never paid much attention to it until a couple of days ago.
It seemed I could make out a shape on the rough, textured bark. It was a shape of woman's torso.
Two perfectly placed swelling marked the breasts. And at the bottom right was another bump.
This third swelling seemed to ruin the tree sculpture however.

The first thing that came to mind was that it looked like a fibroid. It was exactly where I had mine as well.
Oh, those days struggling with fibroids were really difficult, and I'm glad it is in the past.
And yet, there is a fear that lingers.
A fear that if I'm not perfectly stringent on my diet, that it will return.
There have been frantic nights when I fall into a panic when a sensation or two
felt out of place.
It was usually gas.
But I don't want the fear to be my motivator to be healthy.
B/c fear is only a temporary solution.
It will keep things in line only for so long.
I want my motivation to be having energy to live my life, to go my yoga class, to go to work, having healthy, glowing skin, having positive thoughts, and the like.

Fear is so crippling.
It makes healthy eating a chore, and nobody likes 'chores.'
But the idea of being the best me. Being the happy me is what gives me fire. Suddenly going to the kitchen isn't a dread, it's an adventure. My creative juices start to flow, and I seek out ways on how I can jazz up my salad, what new herbal tea to drink, or what new cooking experiment to try.
It's a completely different perspective and attitude.
Now, it's true that prevention of illness plays an important role. It does keep me in check. It's the preliminary stage.

So, what of this orange tree lady outside my window?? What is she trying to tell me?
I like to think that she is saying, "look how far you've come! Do more and teach me too!"

Ok, I'm gonna turn on my Creative power and rev up my Creative engine.
There is so much good stuff out there to learn about. Stuff that builds and strengthens.
From the earth.

I have this amazing friend named Rina who whips up natural desserts from fruits, carobs and all things healthy like frozen banana slush and delicious carob balls that taste just like chocolate. Such a blessing! She has her own story of healing. But this is what I'm talking about.

And I don't need to be super-rich to create. Creativity is such a wide venue that can take form in so many ways. It doesn't even have to be limited to food!
Dr. Northrup writes how fibroids can be a physical reaction to not fullfilling one's dreams.

Statistics show that many African American women suffer more from fibroids than any other group. Whether the stats are true is a different post, but either way, let's make sure it is not the reality. Creativity begins in the mind. But we have to beware the things in life that take away from it, like negative thinking or friends. This includes any television, magazine, or media with unhealthy and negative messages. Excessive sexuality also detracts from our powers.

But to get creative begins with brainstorming. What's possible? How far can I take things? Contrary to popular belief, we are not stuck. Things might seem difficult, but we can make things move. So, what ideas do you have? Do I have? A different hair style? Learning a new language? Writing poetry? Buying a potted plant? Taking an art class? Giving a singing class?

All right, Orange Tree Lady, I hear your message. Get more creative, do more, and live more!! I can do it!

G-d bless!

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