Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Organic Seeds, Organic Thoughts

It's given over in the Zohar that no good intention is lost.

That is, all our generous thoughts, our positive wishful thinking, our dreams
or progress...are recorded.

There is a principle of accumulation that adds up the thousands of
wishes and leads finally to fulfillment.

There might be a lot of things going on in our life, all our daily dramas.
But here's a reminder for you and I to stop for a moment and ask ourselves,
'how can I make things better for myself?'
'how can I make things better for my friend?'

Our holy Sages write, "if I am only for myself, than who am I?"

Thoughts are very powerful. Prayer. Imagination. Yearnings.

G-d is searching out the ones who want to improve His world. We don't need
tons of money to do it. (Though it'd be nice!) But we do need to want good.

And wanting good means thinking good for ourselves and for others.

Truthfully, it is very hard to want good for others when there are tv shows and game shows that promote cruelty and mockery of others. And it's also difficult to imagine good when the propaganda in magazines and ads de-base Blacks. It is done very subtly, but it is being done.

Thoughts are like seeds. This is where everything starts. From here sprouts our beliefs, our actions, our likes, our dislikes, our perceptions, our teachings, our education to our children....

If our thoughts are "captured" in a box, then everything else is captured as well.
With all these genetically modified seeds, big businesses understand that beginnings are EVERYTHING

Now you know it, too.

We must fight to clean up our thoughts. Get it out of sexual immorality. Get it out of rage. Get it out of a hardened heart. Get it out of low self esteem. Get it out of stinginess.

As we do our small part in remaining physically healthy, we must invest even MORE effort in remaining healthy emotionally and spiritually on the most basic level.

The basic level: wanting good in the world.

Reminding ourselves that there CAN be good in the world. Whoa! What a novel idea!

Good thoughts, prayer, imagination, and yearnings.

This is the seed. And from it will sprout the positive actions to produce a garden of healthy souls.

A G-d-ly ecosystem, a tribal system where compassion, charity, patience, diligence, cooperation, and human life are valued, honed and taught to future generations.

Nothing is wasted.

G-d bless!!!

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Dear G-d, Becanson


Miriam said...

That was beautiful!!

Chaya said...

Thanks! You've definitely helped me strengthen my good thoughts.

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