Sunday, July 24, 2011

Health Habits Around the Globe

There's a Yahoo's article about 6 health secrets from around the globe ranging from India's tumeric spice, Japanese's chewing food well, to Russian herbal teas. It seems the keys are unprocessed and natural foods, slowing down, and getting exercise.

To add my 7th health habit...

Rabbi Nachman, a Jewish sage writes that the weak man is one who is unaware of his strength. It is crucial for us to constantly seek out the good points in ourselves. When we do, we will have the motivation to advance, act, and build in our lives.

A person can be doing everything right health wise and still get sick. We know that emotions play a vital role in health. When we feel glum and negative over an extended period of time, this creates a disturbance in our energy flow and eventually in our organs. However, positive and happy feelings keep things moving.

In an age where TV, mags, billboards, and propaganda galore tries us to make us believe we are supposed to be like THAT and not like we are, it is very difficult for us to see the good points in ourselves.

Don't be fooled!!!

We are bursting with inner and outer beauty, my friends. Our smallest good points mean SO much!! These points are the starting place for even more good. There is power in the most simplest matter.

I'm happy to incorporate some tumeric spice in my cooking. And I'm going to push to chew my food better. But plz G-d, I want to always be able to see the good points in myself and to improve my world with that good.

G-d bless!!

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Courage, Becanson

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