Monday, July 25, 2011

What a Joke...

I saw the most absurd article on Yahoo Health about cancer prevention.

You can check it out and see for yourselves.

Three advice for cancer prevention:
1. More exercise
I agree with that.

2. An aspirin a day for anti-inflammatory effects.
You've got to be kidding! They're going to opt for something synthetic rather
than natural? We've got an arsenal ranging from vegetables to spices like curcurim or tumeric to herbs, and they're going to pick aspirin. And they even caution that overuse can cause ulcers.

3. Milk for vitamin D.
It's true vitamin D helps prevent cancers, but to advise milk versus natural sunlight! Super-market milk is loaded with estrogen disrupting hormones that will cause a host of problems. If it's not good for fibroids, it definitely ain't good for cancer.

This is the "expert" advice?? No mention of anything green...
No mention of how too much sugar creates an acidic environment that promotes cancer growth.

Mainstream media and business don't give a wink about our health, y'all, if you haven't already guessed it.
Thankfully, most of the readers who left comments on this article did not agree with the advice given.

And neither should you!

Geez, if this wasn't so serious, I'd crack up laughing.

G-d bless!!

Check it out:

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