Saturday, July 2, 2011

Earth People Rejoice!

Guest Post from Miriam at Thank you!

Hmmmm...most Earth People are probably not reading this blog.  They are maybe too busy going about their lives, feeding their children, tending to their farms, etc.  But I send this energy out to you all---Earth People, Rejoice!!

You have what to rejoice about...

Yep. people will look askance at the fact that you walk barefoot -or that you let your children walk barefoot. Primitive! right?

Well, I'll have you know that It has been known by the Chinese for 1000s of years that when we connect our body to the earth and the sky i.e. the Cosmos it helps to ground us and nourish our energy/Qi. In Chinese Medicine the meridians are described as energy/Qi channels, not seen by the average naked eye but may be experienced during acupuncture or by practicing Qigong or Thai Chi. Chi or Qi is a form of Mother Earth’s energy or Cosmic energy. In the world of Yogis the Cosmic energy is referred to as Prana. This energy from the Cosmos can be taken/absorbed via many body antennas like our tongue, nostrils, hands and feet and so on.   In Chinese Medicine the Bubbling Well point or kidney 1 (K1 starts on the ball of the foot) is seen as the major entryway or portal for the absorption of Earth’s surface Qi.  And the Chinese believe in practicing Qigong outdoors and if possible barefoot amongst nature in the warmer weather. (you can read more here).

And of course, people will look askance at the "animalistic" way of childbirth that you have...Sh! don't tell anyone this, but people are trying to copy you!!! Even as they sling mud at your people and your ways, they are aggressively copying your methods (see any Ina Mae Gaskin books) And they are giving themselves the credit, while poo pooing Blacks and others for seeking (or should I say for having been convinced by those same people who are now patting themselves on the back for being so "natural") medical intervention --nevermind that it was non-Earth people who started the whole medical intervention (King Louis wanted to see a birth, so had the first lady layed out in that horrid position to bear a child.).

Then comes the nursing. A great way to feed your baby! Even that is being 'relearned' so take heart!

Earth People -Rejoice! Even your diet is being examined and soon to be copied.

If you don't have a television in your home, it may be people will think lowly of you, but I think its great! you can avoid all the depressing advertisement that try to convince you that you lack and lack and lack.

So go ahead, clap your hands! let your left fingers meet your right ones, combine the lovingkindness with strictness and break any evil decree imposed upon you!

Yes, dance and bring down good things....

Keep yourselves in purity: ruining someone sexually is a weapon employed frequently.

and among yourselves, rejoice!

(this was just a poetic post. I know that even Earth People have issues and problems.).

G-d bless!

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