Sunday, June 26, 2011

CocoNut Oil

Today, more so in previous years, there's a lot of talk how saturated fat is harmful to our health. However, now it's being revealed that past studies were using trans-fats-hydrogenated oil.

Oil becomes hydrogenated when hydrogen gas is forced into the oil at high pressure, resulting in a chemical change in the oil, but also resulting in a product that is more "stable" -in that it will take a longer time to spoil. Hence, longer shelf life. But short health life considering that they cause havoc in the body. Margarine and vegetable shortening, shortening are hydrogenated. Unfortunately when we eat margarine, our body does not reject them. Instead they are used in our cell membranes as if they were the correct fats (cis fats) And thus chemical reactions are thus skewed. Plus, "over 90 percent of all soy, corn, and canola oils are made from genetically engineered seeds."

But there is a good guy/gal in this story.
I remember in the past when coconuts and any derivative thereof was shunned. However, again past studies were focusing on hydrogenated oils. (Liars!) Coconut oil, in fact, has been found to have tremendous health benefits.

First off, b/c it's saturated, it's more stable for cooking needs. It's not going to go rancid at high temperatures like canola, corn oil. It's lauric acid has anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties. It's fat is easily digested for quick energy rather than stored as fat. And it strengthens the immune system. It helps prevent heart disease and even reduce abdominal obesity. It is even found to be helpful in the treatment of AIDS.

I find it really disturbing how statistics can be manipulated and lead people to start consuming unhealthy things in all innocence. And although it's a blessing that there's an awareness of healthy eating, we cannot be fooled. Even natural health food movements may have their agenda when it comes to money.

Simple is always best. Home-grown is always best. Local is always best. Natural food versus supplement is always best. Incorporating raw foods is always best. Eating in moderation is always best. Eating things you can pronounce is always best. Unprocessed and unbleached coconut oil is always best.

Coconut oil is white, semi-solid in cool weather and creamy colored oil in hot weather.

G-d bless!!

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