Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An Apple A Day

In Hebrew, the word for apple is TaPuAch HaAiTz-apple of the tree. And the word for potato is TaPuaAch HaADaMa-apple of the land.

And sure enough, these are "apples" that people eat quite frequently. With apple's anti-oxidant powers and potatoes' vitamin C, B6, and health promoting phytochemicals it's not hard to see why.

Yet these favored apples when conventionally grown have more pesticides than other fruits and vegs.

"Don't panic 'cuz I'm organic!"

It would be ideal to get all our produce organic. However, if it's a financial strain, know that most plant food contain less pesticides than animal food b/c there is less accumulation. There are some produce like avocados and cabbage that don't even necessarily need to be purchased organic.

But let's shop 'smart'. And that doesn't only mean saving dollars and shekels. It means also saving our health. So, if we favor apples, whether they grow on trees or grow from the ground, let's opt for the organic kind and encourage others to do so as well.

Less pesticides.

More life.

G-d bless!

(Note that potatoes are nightshade vegetables. That is, these veggies (like eggplant and tomatoes) can pull out calcium from the bone. So if someone is not consuming dairy products go easy on 'dem potatoes)

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