Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who's the Caveman?

I read an article how Unilever brought scientists together to try to re-discover what was the diet of the caveman of 12,000 years in order to "enhance" modern day nutrition.

It seems the hunter-gatherer our ancestors subsisted on vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, and meat. This is not rocket science. There were no cereal, bread, potatoes or even milk. People only adapted to milk later on (although there are many today who are lactose intolerant.)

"Palaeolithic man was not a raging carnivore. He was an omnivore who loved his greens. He would have gathered seeds to eat, used plants and herbs for flavoring and preserving fish and meat, and collected wild berries."

Yeah, everyone likes to spew how the cave people were so primitive and backward.
And how cultures who "resemble" them are also to be pitied. Well, nutritionally, they were doing far better than we are in our modern world. With today's genetically modified 'foods', hybrids, and Twinkies-stuffing that do nothing to truly nourish us, who exactly is the backward cavemen?

G-d bless!

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Miriam said...

I am sure many Western civilized people would loooove to lump Africans, Native American Indians and all the people I call "earth people" into that caveman status -even as they work hard at trying to glean the good from their culture. (with credits going to the discoverer and not the actual people, of course!).