Sunday, January 18, 2009

Talc Powders

BEWARE of powders containing talc. They may smell fresh. They may look great. But do not be fooled. Talc is made from mining talc rocks and despite processing, it still contains carcinogenic/ cancer-causing fibers.

"Numerous studies have shown a strong link between frequent use of talc in the female genital area and ovarian cancer."

"Talc miners have shown higher rates of lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses"

Why on earth the FDA has not banned use of talc is beyond me.

The Cancer Prevention Coalition headed by Dr. Samuel Epstein submitted a petition to the FDA last year.
I can't say I'm holding my breath considering that a complaint was made back in 1997 by Senator Edward Kennedy that the FDA should place a warning label on talc-containing products. And nothing was done...

Don't despair, y'all because there are talc-free powders out there, ie. Crabtree and Evelyn (Gotta read the labels!) There are certain Avon body powders that are talc free that I use. Can paying a few more bucks for health compare to contracting a deadly illness?

Hey, how much powder do we need anyways??? Imagine if we STOPPED using these dangerous products? Imagine if we only used powders that were safe for us and our families?

Less sales for carcinogens.

Producers would be forced to comply and offer safer, talc-free products.

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G-d bless!


The First Domino said...

"Why on earth the FDA has not banned use of talc is beyond me. Chaya

As usual, Chaya, someone gets paid (by lobbyists, usually) to hold their silence.

All too often, money can heal a painful conscience.

Chaya said...

All too often, money can heal a painful conscience.

I read once a story of a doc named Dr. Stare who headed the nutrition dept at Harvard years ago.

In the beginning, he would publish articles about the harms of white flour, processed foods, etc.

When he became head of the dept, he received grants from those same types of companies he had condemned.

Can you guess what happened?

his articles changed, and he wrote how there was nothing wrong w/ processed food, white flour,etc.
(I guess he became their best friend)


Just as the villan murmured in my favorite movie, Charade,
"It's the money, Mrs. Lampert, the money."

Hope said...

Thanks I didnt know about that I use talc everyday - and I would like to know why they manufacture Talc for baby care then? I'm confused.... !