Sunday, July 12, 2009

An African American Doula....

This is so amazing!


The First Domino דומינו said...

I agree, Chaya: It's amazing!

This needs to be shared: A task that I will undertake in the coming weeks.

There's something else I'd like to share, as well.

This is something I would have shared in an e-mail, so I hope you'll forgive this approach to dicsuss a project with which I'm excited and committed:

Chaya, I'm here to invite you to an important event. If you decide to take me up on my invitation, you will be joining hands (figuratively, of course) with millions around the world as we seek to usher in a New Day for humankind.

I sense in you a spiritual depth, one that you may not be fully aware of yourself.

And to pull this off, we're going to need the hearts, minds, and souls, of many of our fellow humans. I pray that you will be one of them.

Find below additional details, and a link to the sponsoring site. For indeed...

[1] Fire The Grid II

The time is upon us again. We have yet another opportunity to undo what we have done. Not that the doing was wrong that we seek to undo it, but simply because it no longer serves us.

The illusions that have served us faithfully over millennium can continue to serve us, but with our unwavering knowledge, awareness, and understanding of their illusionary nature.

This is what Firing the Grid will give us: A discernment that will allow us to separate the real from the unreal, to heal the planet (Gaia has, for too long, been under an unrelenting assault.), and to heal the hearts of those who are burdened by the illusions, have forgotten that the illusions are illusions, and are now seeking to renew their acquaintance with their soul.

As a LightWorker, and Vishnu for this age, I'm encouraging you to lend your light to this endeavor. I would not ask, if I didn't believe in the undertaken.

We have a rare opportunity to match intent with unmatched action.

Many of all faiths, creed, race, and nationality will come together with one heart, with one desire, with one mind, and with one thought: harmony, peace, and love.

Our thoughts will embrace the earth and the whole of humankind.

I knew something was afoot when I felt drawn to revisit the site last night. Today, July 18, the invitation to join the millions around the world was again extended.

If you're moved at this pivotal moment in human history to share your energies with others of like mind--those of us seeking to uplift humanity--please share this information with all within your sphere of influence.

We don't need a hundred percent participation to achieve critical mass--just enough of us at key points around the world will suffice.

Numbers are important, but not as much as you may think. Nevertheless, the more we have onboard, the closer we will come to achieving our goal.

I have copied the e-mail that I received from the site for your perusal. Also I have linked the page that tells the story of how all of this came to be ( Fire The Grid), and how a courageous woman took it upon herself to make a difference in a world where "different" is often suspected, and ridiculed.

Please take the time to examine the entire site. It's well constructed, and should be easy to navigate.

This is the second incarnation of Fire The Grid, and for that reason is referred to as Fire The Grid II.

I was present for the first one, and was amazed by my experience. The site details the experience of others. Please take the time to read their stories. Theirs, too, entered the realm of amazing, as well.

Time is short: Less than 11 days to spread the word. I pray that you will be moved--just as I have been--to stand out literally and figuratively to help humankind move closer to the Light that's always present, but is obscured by the darkness that too often supplants the Light.


The First Domino

The First Domino דומינו said...

[II] Fire The Grid II

Dear Friends,

We are but eleven (11) days away from Firing the Grid for the second time on July 28th at 19:19 Rio di Janeiro time.

The momentum is once again in wonderful acceleration as more and more humans discover how you can make a difference with but ONE hour of your lives.

1. Brand new promotional video
We are very excited to have been able to create a broadcast quality
video announcement for Fire the Grid II.

The two (2) minute video
is freely available to anyone who would like to feature it on
their local television station, cable network, PBS, at your local
events and even on your individual websites. Play it and send it
everywhere and help us spread the word!

The video is streamable (and downloadable) in several resolutions on our site (UPDATES page or use RIGHT side links)

2. How can I help?
Many are asking what they can do, how they can be of service. This is beautifully simple: Share your Joy. Share it with friends,
family, your group(s), your email list.

Create a local event, gather
people in a local sacred space, your community center or even your
home and meditate together for our collective future.

The charge of One true believer will facilitate a thousand others whose faith may not be as sure.

3. Team Leaders If you were one of our incredible team leaders from 2007, you are still one!

The role(s) you played as part of an unprecedented global meditation have not changed, and you are a vital, integral part of FTG II.

It is your Passion, Joy and Love for both our fellow humans and our planet that are driving this movement forward. And we are honored to have you at our side.

4. New languages and translators
Over the past few days, thanks to the wonderful generosity of
several individuals, we have added new translations for FTGII
in Danish, German, Russian and Polish (coming very shortly). If you would like to assist us with any other language, please write to Annie at :

5. Shelley's video interviews If you have not yet seen these, or even if you have, I encourage you to watch them again and share them with others.

I have heard them countless times and they never cease to be a source of great inspiration. (accessed via Updates page or link in Right column)

6. Slideshow invitations Marlene Swetlishoff has created a slideshow invitation with images of
our planet, available in several languages. Her passion for FTG has
been remarkable, and we thank her kindly. (English) (Français) (Finnish) (Spanish) (Japanese)

7. Closing Thought More humans are now awake than ever before in the history of our planet.

And since July 17, 2007, we are enough to charge every positive thought possible. We have defined our intention to the Universe. Now we choose to be present and accountable in the energetic creation of a new World.

With much Light and Love,

(for Annie & Shelley)
Fire the Grid II
July 28, 2009
19:19 Rio de Janeiro time

Be Present.

Chaya said...

Hey, Domino

This is what Firing the Grid will give us: A discernment that will allow us to separate the real from the unreal, to heal the planet

That sounds amazing and intriguing. I will check out the website...

Chaya said...

Veerry interesting. The same day of the Fire The Grid fell on the Jewish holiday of Tisha B'Av which is a day of fasting and remembrance of the tragedies that happened to the Jewish people in history!
It's also a time of serious reflection on our deeds and how we can make things better.

That's really uncanny.
And it so happens that I was with a small crowd of very good souls on a rooftop, overlooking the city. And we sang, did soul-searching, and were just present in the moment.
Just beautiful.
There was definitely an energy of that day that everyone was meant to tap into!!!

Black Diaspora said...

"There was definitely an energy of that day that everyone was meant to tap into!!!"

Thanks for sharing, Chaya. It was a special day, and its specialness extended around the world.

Many felt the energy!

We may not see what we have wrought right away, but in the days, months, and years ahead, we will--how our prayers, thoughts, and meditations impacted the world in ways we could never have imagined.

Anonymous said...

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