Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Sunset Chats

G-d is here.
I am seeking Him out!
and finding Him in everything that happens in my day.

Like a parent to a child, He is constantly sending us guidance, advice, and comfort.
We have to believe that there are messages for us to receive.
And surely, we can send our own messages to Him.

Better than an email.
Faster than an SMS.

Through prayer.
In our own words.

Talk about everything and anything that you are going through.
G-d is seeking you out as well.
Seeking a relationship with you.
"Talk to Me!"

What are you hoping for?
What are you thankful for?
Why are you angry?
What doesn't seem right?

Sigh. Groan. Move!!

Give thanks for the good we have in our lives.
Hashem is constantly looking to give us good.
His good.

"Even if you can't open your mouth at all, just the fact that you stand there putting your hope in G0d, lifting your eyes upwards and forcing yourself to speak and even if you say no more than a single word the entire time-all this endures forever... (Likutey Moharan II)