Thursday, December 23, 2010

aah, the Outbacks..

Having lived my whole life in the city, I never expected to find myself staying in the outskirts of Jerusalem, in Gush Ezion-countryside! And I have to say, I'm lovin' it. The air is fresh, the pace is slower than that of the city, and down the road, the donkey is braying his own tune.

Granted, it has its challenges.

A couple of weeks back, we had a seroius attack of fleas from the neighborhood strays. And, when the storm winds blew, I thought the rickety roof from my caravan had flown away. (it hadn't)

And I do miss Jerusalem. The hustle and bustle. The availability of simple items like Prigat Cranberry Juice (great for bladder infections!) The many, various get-togethers and events.

Yet, when I've reached the end of my shopping list and head back home to the Gush, my shoulders relax and I look forward to going back home. Quiet as it is. Rugged and rocky.

Aah! The outbacks.

There are certain things that should never change.

But things have to change.

Peoples develop, nations arise.

Technology advances. Stem cells. Biotech.



Thank G-d, it gets a lot of stuff done.

hey, I like my laptop. And my washer!

And yet certain things should never change.

Listening to the innervoice.

Speaking to G-d.

Giving charity.

Respecting oneself.

Slowing down.

Having compassion.

Eating REAL food.

Being happy.



G-d bless!