Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Just Berry Schizandra....

A new addition to my herb list: The schizandra berry!

Used for thousands of years in China, this berry is known as an adaptogen.

What is an adaptogen?? It redirects the body from an extreme state to a balanced state. That is why if you're feeling either sluggish or too hyped up, schizandra can help to wake you up or calm you down.

"It has remained one of the most popular adaptogenic herbs in China, where it is taken to promote mental function, strengthen the sex organs, and beautify the skin, according to Off the Shelf Natural Health by Mark Mayell."

You can order dried berries online or find them in health food stores.

G-d bless!!

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Fiberartchic said...

Hey guys! I had no idea you were blogging on health! Well good on ya!
Hey check out my blog too I'm getting back into it. XO Bina

Chaya said...

Hey!!! I use to write more and now I kind'a dabble here and there. it'd do much fun! I'll check out your blog too...thanks for the visit!