Sunday, July 15, 2012

Alkalinize Your Mind...

This post is not to introduce another diet. It's here only to remind us of what we already know and what we are striving for...

 When we eat, the foods are digested by the body and can leave either an acid residue or alkalinic one. Foods that typically create an acidic environment are grains meat milk fish< etc> Foods that leave an alkalinic residue include fresh fruits and vegetables. An excessive acidic environment can lead to illness. And with the change of the American Standard Diet's over reliance on white flour bread and such, this is problematic.

I am not a vegetarian, and the goal here is to make sure we are eating foods in a balanced way that also includes those fruits and veggies that will keep our internal environment on the right level/ph. FYI: our blood is slightly alkalinic, so it's clear what kind of foods that will keep us healthy.

 Yet, another reason to down those veggies and fruits.

G-d bless!!
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