Friday, May 17, 2013

'da Power of Prevention

I just read a fascinating article about Angelina Jolie and breast cancer on Natural News.

Seriously wanted to fall off my seat.

Angelina Jolie got both breasts surgically removed b/c of a high breast cancer risk. Now per the article, everyone has cancer cells in the their body. And so everyone has a risk. Whether those cells will actually express themselves depends on the lifestyle we chose on a daily basis through factors like nutrition, exercise, getting adequate vitamin D.  Now Jolie had a 87% risk. My question is whether most women stats are as high as that...

In terms of nutrition, we know that foods that contain indole 3 carbinol like cabbage, broccoli, and other cruciferous veggies are powerful in cancer prevention. Remember cancer loves sugar. And in these days, sugary foods and drinks abound. So, when we are caught up in our busy day, running to work or school, or taking care of kids, it's very easy to forget this crucial info.

And cabbage and broccoli can definitely be a pain
to eat cuz it may not be as enjoyable as, say a croissant. For some people anyway. But if we start incorporating them in to our diet, we will get used to it. We gotta work it!!

A good thing to remember when we go grocery shopping next time!!!

Prevention is key. 

And that doesn't mean going for x-rays every year. It doesn't mean being at the mercy of doctors and the allopathic/ Western medicine. (But even Western medicine has it's place.) It means changing our lifestyle. TODAY!!!

Actively choosing a 'pro-Life' lifestyle puts power back into our hands in terms of remaining healthy. And that is where it belongs.

G-d bless!!

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