Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Drinking Greens

Whipping up a green drink with a blender/juicer is a very fun and creative way of getting in those fruits and veggies.

I made a spinach juice the other day and added bananas, dates, oranges, and almonds. The bananas helped to make the drink abit frothy-if you like that. And, in general, the fruits added sweetness. Yummy!
I realized afterwards I needed a finer strainer, but in the end the drink was very tasty.
I had a blast making it, and kids would love to be a part of it-esp. the drinking part.
Here are some videos that guided me. There's definitely more out there.

This is too much fun! And Easy!

Basically you just play in your kitchen

G-d bless!


Yolanda said...

My kids and I love our green smoothies. Plus I find its an efficient way to add flax seed oil and fish oils to our daily routine (the fats from the oils help give a smoother consistency as well).

Chaya said...

Hey, Yolanda
It's funny, I've always eyed the flax seed oil at the store 'cuz I know it's bursting w/ Omega 3, but I never quite knew how/what to work it. So, I've shyed away from it. (I do try to use flax seeds, though)
But adding the oil to smoothies, now there's an idea...
Does it affect the taste?

Thanks for the tip!

The First Domino דומינו said...

Chaya, I'm going to try it. I'm really nuts over nuts, and will throw in a few of my favorites with the green smoothie.

I'll have to settle for the "kid in me," or borrow the neighbor's kids to add that extra zest of fun that comes with kids helping out.

The videos were helpful and I will look for others.

Once again, thanks for adding to my storehouse of knowledge.

I'll let you know how it turns out.