Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"We're Moving on Up!"

Farming for the future?

I have a friend who owns a rather small apartment. With three children, she really needed extra space. With her high ceilings, she figured if she can't expand horizontally, she'll expand vertically. So, she had these large "shelves" about 7 feet from the ground, made to store her suitcases, extra toys, and other things. Made from wood, they're thick, strong and spacious. It's like having a quasi-room upstairs, sort of... Her "gallerias," as she calls them, are quite beautiful. Her home is just art-sy, funky, and unique!

Well, apparently Columbia University professor Dickson Despommier had the same idea, but not for storage. His idea is for farming. He hopes to use glass skyscrapers as farms in heavily populated areas, like India/ Middle East.

If you can't go horizontal, go vertical.

Behold, skyfarming!

I think my friend would approve...

G-d bless!

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Black Diaspora said...

Skyfarming! This is a new way to use an old thing.

I wonder if plants get acrophobia? :)

Seriously, the imagination can always find a way. It just needs to be primed.

Chaya said...

plants and acrophobia...


that'll be the day!