Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu

Great. Just what we need-a world-wide pandemic. It's really scary to read about it, and it's scarier to imagine what may become in the future...

Every newsite is reporting on this. And, today, I read that the World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the world pandemic level to Phase 5, which means a "strong signal that a pandemic is imminent and that the time to finalize the organization, communication, and implementation of the planned mitigation measures is short.”

The latest: There was one death in America. A toddler died in Texas.
But, I only later did I learn that the child was visiting from Mexico City. And In addition to swine flu, the boy had several underlying health problems." (Dallas Business Journal)
So, really, there have been no deaths (as of now, and it should only remain so!) outside of Mexico, and the reported cases have been mild.

Apparently, there is the vaccine, Tamiflu, out there-which should bring us some relief. I didn't even think about it, but I also recently learned that "more than half a dozen pharmaceutical companies, including Gilead Sciences Inc., Roche, GlaxoSmithKline and other companies with a stake in flu treatments and detection, have seen a rise in their shares in a matter of days, and will likely see revenue boosts if the swine flu outbreak continues to spread."

Revenue boosts?
Hmm....Wait a sec, is everything as true as they appear?
We're hearing news from all the mainstream newsites and being bombarded with the same messages. Let's hop off to a "road less travelled" and read another side of this story at

Here's some highlights...
On Sunday, April 26, The Independent reported that more than 1,000 people had contracted the swine flu virus in Mexico, 8 but by the afternoon that same day, Mexican President Calderon declared that more than two-thirds of the 1,300 thought to have contracted the disease had been given a clean bill of health and sent home.9

Just last month I reported on the story that the American pharmaceutical company Baxter was under investigation for distributing the deadly avian flu virus to 18 different countries as part of a seasonal flu vaccine shipment. Czech reporters were probing to see if it may have been part of a deliberate attempt to start a pandemic; as such a "mistake" would be virtually impossible under the security protocols of that virus.

this isn't the first time the public has been warned about swine flu. The last time was in 1976, right before I entered medical school and I remember it very clearly. It resulted in the massive swine flu vaccine campaign.
Do you happen to recall the result of this massive campaign?
Within a few months, claims totaling $1.3 billion had been filed by victims who had suffered paralysis from the vaccine. The vaccine was also blamed for 25 deaths.

And the swine flu pandemic itself? It never materialized.

This should grab your attention. Read the article 'cuz there's more...
Let's not blindly accept what mainstream media is telling us.

People are saying different things. What is the truth? Is the flu deadly or isn't it? Is the vaccine deadly or isn't it? This whole affair seems to raise more questions than answers! But there is something we DO know. There is an illness in the world. Call it swine flu, call it greed. We have to fight to protect ourselves from these physical and spiritual germs. That means paying attention to what/who we come in contact with-paying attention to what we let our eyes see. What we allow to enter our bodies and our minds. And we have to try our BEST to boost our immune system/the good part of ourselves-to eat the foods that will protect and vitalize us. To let into our lives influences that will strenghen us (intelligence, G-d's Word, self-esteem) and not weaken us (lust and greed).
We must try...

G-d bless!
and G-d save us from our true enemies...

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The First Domino דומינו said...

Chaya, thanks for your sensible, balanced approach to this subject.

There's much we don't know about this virus. For example: why has there been deaths in Mexico, but not in the United States where most of the case have been relatively mild, most not requiring medication, or hospital stay?

Each flu season I'm told many thousand die in the U.S., but most of these that die are those with existing health problems, the elderly, or the very young who haven't as yet built up immunities to some viruses.

I agree: the media has performed poorly, and are contributing to some of the mass hysteria that we're now seeing.

Many here in the states are buying up Tamiflu, for example.

You wrote: "and G-d save us from our true enemies..."

One of those enemies is fear. Fear will do more to spread this disease than the disease itself.

One of the things that I'm doing to minimize the spread of this virus is to refuse to allow myself to be overtaken with fear.

I take commonsense precautions, eat properly, and wash my hands often, especially if I've been out in the public.

But fear? That's the worst thing that I or anyone else can do. "The thing that I have most feared has come upon me," said Job to best of my recollection.

Thanks again for the information, and the links. You are a treasure!

Chaya said...

Hey, Domino! Hope all is well w/ you. I hear what you're saying about fear. Anything can be blown out of proportion with fear or just skewed.
And even when I try not to be taken by all the hype, it still has an effect! I find myself a little bit more nervous if someone is coughing around me, etc. Gotta get a grip, y'know.
Thanks. It's great to hear from you.