Sunday, April 26, 2009

When it Strikes...

when IT strikes, you may have known it was coming. Or not. Or you pretend like you were unaware. But there is thunder...and there is wind. Something in the air changes, the smell perhaps? and the sky vaguely remember hearing the forecast...
and even your spirit is unsettled...

And it happens.

Swiftly. Done.

And it could strike again...

Question is

what do we do?

Before the strike...

We listen.

which direction is the wind blowing? Is she whispering "east" or whispering "west?" Who can tell us? Is she screaming "north!" or "south!"

What's our gut telling us?

We listen.

We summon our courage.

and ACT.

G-d bless!

1 comment:

The First Domino דומינו said...

Beautiful... Poetic...True....

"Or you pretend like you were unaware."

Self-deception is a choice. We choose. Always we choose.

"What's our gut telling us?"

The answer is always in our "gut," in what we're feeling.

Our task is to know the source of those feelings: are they coming from the real, or an imitation of the real.

Feelings is the language of the soul, unerring, and relevant.

"We listen.

We summon our courage.

and ACT."
I like that sentiment. God is always talking to us ("we listen"), we need to heed what He's saying ("summon our courage"), and Be All That We Can Be ("and ACT").