Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Green Eyes"

There I was in the health food store, among the aisles, as innocent as can be. It was a hot afternoon-the kind of day where everyone stays indoors during the noon hours. I really needed to get some grub and so braved the hot sun. And although the store was quite empty, I could feel someone's eyes on me.

It didn't matter if I moved to the left or the right. It didn't matter if I ventured towards the rice noodles, the Eco-friendly detergent, or even the perplexed saleslady, the eyes were riveted on me. Green "eyes" on a green "body". Watching me quite boldly, I must say. Behind it's clear, plastic wrappings, stood this lettuce, dark green and ORGANIC!!! I peered back, and held it's gaze for long time. It had the same shape as regular lettuce... I inched closer and poked it. Firm. Full.

Mesmerized, I seized this green wonder and took it home!!! (after paying of course..)

Would we get along, I wondered? After all, I wasn't familiar w/ ORGANIC lettuce. I knew that it would have lots of vitaminerals (vitamins and minerals), like vitamin A, K, and folate and less pesticides...

In fact, I did find this particular lettuce w/ it's thick leaves to be abit bitter. Oh, woe!!! I lamented. Organic wonderful, but bitter??!! Was this some cruel joke?!! How was I supposed to down this??!! Or expect to serve it to others?

So, the lettuce and I had a...ahem conversation.
"How can we make this work?" "What are your needs?" "I'm only accustomed to non-organic kinds of lettuce. What is YOUR personality like?" "What if you were allowed to sit abit in a lovely dressing of olive oil and lemon. To pamper yourself for abit, take in your new surroundings....

Lo and behold, after sitting in a glass bowl for a while, next to fellow cucumbers, red peppers, and avocados, yes, reader, this organic green wonder and I DID get along. The juices of the other veggies had lulled the bitter taste out from the leaves, resulting in a happy and contented lettuce, and a hapy and!

In fact, this organic lettuce and I realized we actually had a lot of commmon friends and similar outlooks on a lot of things. ie. Modern farming methods can really strip away vitaminerals in foods, (which nonone is going to mention) and that folks should eat organic whenever they can and eat it often!!! (locally grown veggies is best!) and we gotta know how to work it!!!

G-d bless!!!