Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Gardening Day....

Up the path, past the sweet-smelling rosemary bush, and up the stone stairs, past the olive trees, my friends and I gather 'round Sara Malka,(our fearless teacher), as she explains the day's activities.

We greet the plants, peppermint and strawberry. And wave at the geese, squwaking mirth and merry.

Out comes the weeds, with shovel and hoe, to prepare the soil for seeds to sow.

We chat and chitter and gather in greens: chard and lamb's quarters, for our salads and beans.

Return on my path, past the old sage bush and friendly palm tree, and 'round the corner, near compost and hay. I bid farewell to garden and friends, exhausted but grateful for this gardening day...

G-d bless!!

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