Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My African Jewish Roots...

African Jewish roots intertwine to create a me
an African American-Jew-ess, living in a Middle East where
the summer's blaze scorches and the winter's rain

wandering from city to city to unlock my puzzle
and grapple with keys to understand the enigma that
that makes me me.

Dusty feet in sandals spirals in a frantic circle dance
passing spirit and giving life. Flying tzizit and flying skirts
turn and pass, turn and pass.

My forefathers' might in the 'dark' continent, and my
forefathers' might in desert-wind lands comes to blend stories
and secrets, folklore and song.

A bloody unfolding of Warriors in battle, with prayer and
sword: Strike! the enemy! Strike! the snake! I gasp and connect.
and then understand.

African Jewish roots intertwine to create a me,
an African American Jew-ess, living in a Middle East
where I recognize and testify the truth that scorches and
the truth that soothes.

G-d bless!!!


Georg said...

Hello over there,

Strange roots, indeed. Depending from where your forefathers/foremothers come from, you should be animistic or christian or both. How did you manage to become a Jewess?

To me this is as strange as if I would be Shinto.


Chaya said...

Thru G-d's sense of humour. And yet, stranger things have happened...

G-d bless!