Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Rosh HaShana!!

Tonight is Rosh HaShana. The beginning of a new Jewish year. Today is the special day that we crown G-d as our King.

How blessed are we to be the King's children and to be under His wings.

I marvel how I take it for granted that every day Hashem takes care of us without a word and without a complaint!

He waters the earth and gives us nourishment.

He protects us when we go on our way and gets us home safely.

The media is so excited to report when things go awry in the world, they are quick to zero in on the negative things of life, and it leaves us wondering if Hashem really cares!!

Well, we know the media is very biased against Blacks and Jews.

But it is also very biased against G-d!!

We want Hashem to judge us favorably? Well, let us judge Him favorably. Let us thank Him sincerely for taking care of us this past year. For taking care of the millions and millions of people, the thousands and thousands of animals, for bringing out the sun every day, for keeping the oceans and seas in their assigned space, for keeping our respiration flowing, for bringing life into the world, for sustaining life, for.....

It is truly too much to list....

I humbly thank you, Hashem, my G-d.

G-d bless!!

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