Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Junks or Jewels...?

It's like food.

Everyone likes food. Good tasting food.

Once upon a time, I use to indulge in chocolate candy bars, pastries, chips, white flour
stuffage, and all sorts of dairy treats without any second thoughts and without any qualms. At that time it tasted great, it still does, but where did it leave me??

Food have legacies. And these food stuffs left behind a legacy of painful menstrual cramps, persistent
nail fungus, and weak knees!!! Where's the good taste of that chocolate candy bar in the throes of my
period while I'm moaning and groaning in pain??? No where, cuz this junk food is fleeting, has no real lasting value and is as the name suggests: junk!!!

Today, I have left a lot of those 'teenager' type foods behind, but can I really be happy for the 'good old days?'
Not really.  Thankfully, the cramps have been greatly reduced since cutting out dairy from my diet.
My cycle seems to be getting back to normal. The nail fungus seems under control. And my knees are getting

Had I known then what I know now....

But back then the idea of 'healthy eating'seemed so restrictive and horrifying. Why eat tree bark when I could have candy bars?!  Why eat bland food??!

I humbly realize that back then I simply had no genuine interest in healthy food and therefore never delved into it and never asked real questions. I simply did not want it.

Today, I am nuts for healthy eating!! My spirit soars when my fridge is full with brown rice, lentils, beans, lettuce basil, parsley, beets, various nutty treats like hazel nuts and almonds, an assortment of spices like tumeric, cumin, garlic, and oregano, my coconut and olive oils.

How I RELISH healthy eating!! And it tastes soooooooo good.....

And what legacies do these jewels leave behind??? They include strong immune systems, healthy and oxygenated cells, supple tissues and glowing skin, an efficient liver, a happy and healthy heart, regular bowel movements, strong and functional kidneys, increased energy,

the list goes on....

Why would anyone choose junks over jewels as a legacy???

G-d bless!!

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