Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Junks or Jewels...

So, it's like food....

Is having a healthy sexual life bland and tasteless??

Just like healthy eating brings vitality, power, and strength to the body, so will a healthy
sexual life...

Healthy is what gives life.

Unhealthy is what takes away life; like the junks

like porn, like masturbation, like sex outside of marriage, like spilling seed, like insensivity towards
ones spouse,

In every nook and corner, you'll read how it is good and helpful to release tension by pleasuring oneself, exploring oneself or what have you. This is what everyone says.

But the Torah says otherwise.

Hey, why you trying to control my life???

Is G-d trying to control your life? That's the great fear. But actually, far from it. In His love, G-d provides advice so that we can CHOOSE the jewels and stay far away from the junks that lead to spiritual nail fungus, diabetes, and cancer...

Get the picture?

And. well, golly do Jews have sex?? Do Noahides??

Listen, G-d doesn't tell a person not to eat b/c it's part of our makeup. We need to eat. And He's not telling us not to have sex. The Torah actually stresses the importance of marriage. In Genesis (2:18 ) it's written ,"it is not good that man be alone." When men and women are unmarried, they are more prone to fall into nasty habits like masturbation and spilling seed.  The seeds implanted in wo/man have a divine source, like everything in the world.

And is not meant to be thrown away for fleeting pleasure.

So, then what?? Are we doomed to hush our flaming passions into the somber chambers of a religious institution and watch forlornly as all our sexuality and spirit are squeezed out of us,  turning us into bland and dull-eyed monks??

Wouldn't you like to think so?

But if the question is never asked of what we SHOULD be doing, then yes, it will seem like it.

Just like how healthy eating at first seems like a cruel death for our taste buds!!

But it's not really death is it?? It's actually life. 

And it can taste good.

First, we need a healthy dose of curiousity to hear what G-d has to say about sexuality in the Torah....

G-d bless!!!

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