Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Tribe of Dan and Black Hair

In the Tanach, (Old Testament Bible) we learn that there were ten mighty tribes of Israel: Reuven, Yehuda, Levi, Shimon, Gad, Asher, Napthali, Dan, Issachar, Zevulun, Yosef, and Binyamin. We also learn that there are times when Yosef and Levi are not counted and Menashe and Ephraim, the sons of Yosef, are counted in their stead.

When the tribes traveled in the desert, they would always be in a formation: three tribes on each side of the Holy Ark. Now, I always heard that Dan was at the tail end of this formation. True and false. True, Dan was 'at the end,' but false in that the tribe of Dan was actually the leader of the end tribes on the northern side. Now, because Dan was 'at the end,' they had to deal with bandits and hooligans from other nations who would try to attack the ones at the back.

Dan had to be on his toes!!!

In modern times, the Ethiopian Jews claim to be descended from the tribe of Dan.

All this made me think of Natural Black Hair.

Because black hair is so curly and kinky, it is difficult for the natural oils to reach the ends and tips of the hair, resulting in a lot of breakage.

 Near the scalp and the roots is where most of the oils are. And the ends of our hair are constantly being attacked by the bandits and hooligans of dryness!!! Just like the tribe of Dan!

I don't know how Dan fought back, but I do know that to protect the ends of the hair requires lots of water and also oils to lock in the moisture. And what is water?? Our Jewish sages liken water to Torah, G-d's Word. So maybe, just maybe, Dan remained strong and mighty by saturating themselves with
G-'d's Word and of course lots of water...

G-d bless!!

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