Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bereshit and Renewals

This Shabbat we go back to the beginning of the Torah to read parasha/ section Bereshit.
In Bereshit, the Torah records how G-d/ Hashem created the world. On the first day, He created darkness and light.

On the second day, He formed the Heavens. On the third, came land and sea.

On the fourth day, the sun, moon and stars are fixed into their positions.

On the fifth day, He created the fish, reptiles, and birds. And on the sixth day, He created human beings.

And on the Seventh day, He rested-which is Shabbat.

As the new Jewish year begins, we too can gather our G-d given creative powers to make new beginnings and renewals in our lives.

It can be anything, from job change, to learning something new, to taking a new art class, to cutting back on sugar, to ending a bad relationship, to dressing better, to trying new recipes, to socializing more, to ......

gosh darnit, there's just so much....

This new year, I'd like to nourish my kidneys and my liver.

I want to learn all about how them and how to strengthen them through herbs, food, exercise, acupuncture, acupressure, etc. These organs work hard to keep me well, and I want to honor that.

I'd also like to marry my 'soul mate.'

The imperfect one made perfectly for the imperfect me.

Happy new beginnings!

G-d bless!!!

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