Sunday, February 1, 2009

Juice, anyone?

This post isn't actually about orange juice. But is re: another kind... hehe!

We know that when we eat, the food gets broken down in our stomach. This is thanks to the gastric juice that breaks up the matrix that holds the cells together in the meat and plant food we eat.

Our stomach has very elastic walls and in those walls are many deep pits. And from those deep pits, this highly acidic gastric juice is secreted.

The juice contains hydrochloric acid, an enzyme called pepsin, and mucous. It's so acidic that it has a pH of 2. Basically, it can dissolve nails of IRON!!

As it tears apart cell matricies, it also kills the bacteria that may be on the food.

But, man, I'm still on the iron nails. What about my poor stomach?

Actually, our stomach is protected by a coating of mucus that helps protect it from the highly acidic environment. And, yet, our stomach lining DOES get eroded. Thousands of cells are being replaced every minute, and the entire stomach lining is replaced every 3-5 days!


G-d bless!

Regarding peptic ulcers check out:


The First Domino said...

You know, the human body is such a wonderful chemistry lab, if we choose to look at it from that perspective.

Would you be surprised to know that the instructions that the physical body follows do not originate within the physical body, but originate outside of it, utilizing the intelligence of a corresponding body that is called in the New Age literature, the Astral body?

Allow me the boldness to share with you, if you've never read it before, a wonderful memo.

It's called a Memorandum from God by one of my favorite writers, Og Mandino, and is excerpted from his book,"The Greatest Miracle in the World."

After reading it, you will never think of your body in the same way again.

Chaya said...

You are my greatest miracle.

you are a great rarity

Count your blessings! Proclaim your rarity! Go another mile!

You are more than a human being, you are a human becoming.

Wow! Very deep and powerful words Mandino writes. Funny b/c everyone is made up of cells and have a digestive, circulatory system,etc. and yet each person is their own world.

These words, I think people just don't hear them enough. People strive but may be disconnected to their Source, or they get lost in the negative self-babble. (and more babble...)

And we should remind each other of these beautiful and true ideas.

Thank you for sharing that.

The First Domino said...

"And we should remind each other of these beautiful and true ideas." Chaya

Indeed we should, so that we will be re-minded to re-member--to become a member again of the source which always remembers us.

"...each person is their own world."

Great insight, Chaya. Yes, we do exist in our "own world" at both the physical, and metaphysical levels, and, at the same time, We're One With All That Is.