Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh, those PRIMITIVE Africans!

As a dentist and nutritionist, Dr. Weston Price was very into bones.

In the 1930s, he went traveling to study health, dental health, and the diet of traditional societies around the world.

He found that in terms of bones and teeth, the healthiest people were six tribes in sub-Saharan Africa, who ate a lot of meat, milk, and blood (yikes!) of cows. These tribes were cattle herders and were completely free of cavities. There was 0% tooth decay, and they had straight teeth and bones. (You think these cattle herders were injecting their cows with hormones?)

The traditional peoples would put a lot of effort in obtaining nutrient-rich fish, eggs, and other animal foods for their pregnant women.

Of these tribes, the Dinkas from Sudan were claimed the healthiest, and their diet consisted of mostly fish and cereal grains.

Dr. Price also found that the societies that had switched over to the "civilized" diet of sugar, white bread, alcohol, canned vegetables, etc. suffered from much dental and skeletal defects, like dental caries and jaw malformations.)

Hmm, maybe being a little "primitive" isn't so bad after all!

G-d bless!

Check out Food and Our Bones, AnneMarie Colbin


Black Diaspora said...

I'll pass on the cow's blood, and I have replaced milk with soy milk. I sure hope no one discover something wrong with soy beans.

We may be "civilized" (NOT), but our eatings habits--what we eat, and how we eat it--sure could use a few "un-civilized" improvements.

Chaya said...

Hey, Black Diaspora!
It's wonderful to hear from you.

Lol on the "uncivilized" improvements. And in our search for truth to improve, we've got to keep reading and investigating.

If you get info on soy milk, I would love to know about it. We'll have nutrition detectives over here.
I, personally, don't drink cow's milk, but I REALLY try to get calcium from other sources. Have you tried almond butter? You have to be careful b/c it's quite rich, but it's busting with calcium.

I tried pasteurized goat's milk. B/c goats' milk isn't as mass produced like the cow's, could be they've been fiddled less with...we should only hope!

I heard once someone say, if your ancestors didn't eat it, beware!

Anyways, thanks so much for sharing, Black Diaspora! I look forward to reading your other thoughts.