Monday, October 17, 2011

End of Money?

Tom Greco's book, End of Money and the Future of Civilization is coming out and revealing the 'secrets' of today's economy.

Follow the link below and hear him talk about:

how the political money system finances lavishly destructive activities of war

how the substance of modern money is credit

how the public has been made responsible for writing off bad debts

how our founding fathers in America never intended the government to have direct taxing power, but how that has been IGNORED

how the central banks enable inflation and monopolization of credit and create CLASS CONFLICT

how sociopaths seem to be the ones at the top of the hierarchy

how we need to shift power to the local communities

how we need to exercise the power that is already ours

how we can 'spin' our own money through the fibers of trust and cooperation

and how we can tell our 'would-be-masters' we do not need their money

this is very powerful.

G-d bless and G-d protect!

Check it out:

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