Wednesday, October 12, 2011

India Charms Africa...

Just like bees buzz around a nectar full flower, so are countries buzzing around Africa, with her bountiful natural resources.

China had a head start, but unfortunately has been accused of resource plundering, poor labor practices, and supporting governments with a much less than desired human rights policy. Thus, resulting in resentment in Africa for the Chinese presence.

Enter India.

Hoping to appear as having Africa's best interest at heart, India has employed a 'charm offensive' policy so that both countries can benefit from the relationship. Examples include a Pan-African e-Network-"described as the biggest project for long-distance education and tele-medicine ever undertaken in Africa."
Among other perks, they are also promising 22,000 scholarship for African students.

I could care less whether India truly cares for Africa or not. But I do care that they are coming with the correct respect and mutually beneficial projects where Africa will also benefit.

To enter a country and rape its resources, spread disease, and preach their religion is inhumane, economically idiotic, and EVIL.

Let us hope that India will come thru with their side of the bargain, and that Africa will have good sense to discern it.

G-d bless!!

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