Saturday, October 8, 2011

India versus Monsanto

I saw this article, and it made me soooo happy!!!

People are standing up against Monsanto-the biotech company responsible for making genetically modified organisms/(food).

For the first time ever, a country is suing Monsanto.

India is accusing Monsanto of biopiracy-of stealing indigenous plants, specifically the brinjal. Brinjal is very popular Indian staple. India believes that Monsanto is stealing the plants in order to make genetically modified versions and selling them w/o giving any compensation to India.

It could take years, but the Indian government feels it's important to send the message out as a deterrent.

I hope other countries learn from this example.

This is truly exciting news. Monsanto has to understand that they cannot create frankenstein seeds and 'foods' and destroy our farms and essentially our lives.

Go India! Get'em good!

G-d bless!!

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